Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Travel Day From Tetsa Provincal Park to Liard Hot Springs

I did have problems getting started this morning. I couldn't get Herbie to wink and blink at me. So I ended up unhooking, taking my computer compressed air, cotton swabs and rubber mat out and cleaned the connections and reconnected and he worked. That put me about an hour behind the group. Oh, well, so it is. I knew we were headed to Summit Lake and then depending on the stars and the moon and skies on or not. Liz, Tina and Mitch had stopped and checked at the other Tetsa RV park and services and found out that the road had opened a little more. (More repairs had been made and traffic would be moving soon.)

At Summit Lake I caught up with the others and the destination moved from the first to the second, Liard Hot Springs. Too early to stop here at Summit Lake. It would be really cold here tonight. Mitch would be in trouble with that much cold and no generator. It is the highest peak on the road and the sky looked like it might clear. That white speck at the end of the trail is a travel trailer!

I was having trouble with my camera focusing on the flowers and I kept hearing some shuffling behind me. I knew it was not a snake and I kept fiddling with the camera. I thought Liz was making a lot of noise and then suddenly it occured that I should see what was making noise...duh!

I turned in time to see a porcupine scurrying around behind me and then moving up the incline. Dog gone camera still acting up and so I only got the backend of him and then a shot between the trees when he turned around!

Liz is exploring down near the creek.

It is really cold out there and this shows why. 

Suite Pea with Summit Lake behind her. 

I'll bet it is cold in that lake. It is very popular for fishing. 

Liz all bundled up in about 4 layers.

Mitch in her shorts! Hey she is from Chicago!

Okay, now we are headed on over the summit of Stone Mountain which is famous for it's Stone Sheep. Let me warn you ahead of time - one got hit by a car. A truck would have squashed it. Here is the scoop on how to ID them. 

The screen on the window and I could not stop and open it for a better shot.

The one that didn't make it. They have signs all over the road, to drive slow and watch out for the sheep! 

Several different ages and sexes. The dark brown male, turned around and jumped over the railing and started down the side of the hill. Magnificient!!

Next stop, little sister, Belle got out of jail. She enjoyed the stop here. It was cold and she needed her long johns, but hey, her caretake is from Chicago and is running around in shorts. What can you expect?

Yep it is raining again.

If there are Bison, it must be Liard Hot Springs.

Just a few minutes after this shot, a big truck caming roaring through. He got down where all this traffic was jammed up and just laid down on his air horns. Bison didn't move for that either! They say, you wait or they will take aim and charge your vehicle. Nan had a story about how she got out on the bridge and a couple were there. They wouldn't move. One turned around and started for her rig. She started backing up, the car behind her moved back and got out with his camera and started taking pics of the bison putting Nan and her rig off the bridge. She said when it was ready, it got off the bridge and then she was able to drive on.

I am guessing Western Wood Peewee. 

Could not get any color on this one and I couldn't figure out the shape. Warbler of some kind.

The plants living at the Hot Spring is numerous. They are quite stunning.

Liz taking in the sights of the Hot Springs bubbling up.

The Falls, nice after walking along and birding the area.

On the way back, the steam was really showing off. Most of the folks had left by now. It was chilly out there. 

Tomorrow is the town of Watson Lake. We will be off around 5 a.m. See ya down the road.

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  1. A free hot tub and not one of you took advantage of it. Ohhhh! That porcupine looking through the branches is good. Glad that Suite Pea was keeping you warm since you didn't have an Abby to help out.