Saturday, June 2, 2012

Travel day - Great Falls to Glacier National Park

Today was a travel day. Nan, GentleLadyBear, and I drove up from Great Falls. We spent the night at Dick's RV Park. Visually this is a beautiful park. For location it meets the requirement of a railroad track near the park and in addition it had not only fighter jets taking off and landing, but a major road 1/2 block away on two sides of the park. At 12:30 I finally got up and turned on the satellite radio so that I could have some 'white' noise to fix the highway traffic. By 4:45 this morning it was pretty quiet, but was back at the noise making by 6:30 a.m. We were able to leave about 9 a.m. As they had predicted rain, winds up to 20 mpy with gusts to 45, we decided to take the fastest route. We drove up I-15 to MT 44 and then west on MT 44 about 20 miles to US89. We could see the really big storm coming in and out best hope was simply to outrun it. We stopped in Browning for gas - what a zoo! Knowing that it was a relatively small town, I GPS'd fuel and it only gave one. So we stopped there. I talked to a guy who was putting a sign up on the pump that had blown off. Asked if I could drive around the back and he said sure. That was good cause Nan got blocked in by 45 cars and 15 pick em up trucks. We finally got out and took off down the road. As we got out of Browning there sat a gas station with 3 cars/trucks filling up - same price 3.789. Was a nice station and not a zoo. So if you are coming to this park, stop at the station at State School Road and Going to The Sun Road. You make a left turn at that corner....just whip it right on in and get gas. My friend Colleen sent me msg about it being over $5 up "North". Eeek!

The drive into the park from that left turn was to be 12 miles, I think. That was the longest 12 miles I have driven in a very long time. I thought we would never get here, but we did. After we got Herbie disconnected and in our respective spots, I thought it was time to sight see. The sun had suddenly popped out from behind the clouds. I know most of you have seen the shots of the mountains and waterfalls, but there are coming again. There are a couple of birds singing that I need to either see of ID the songs they are making me crazy.

During the drive we had these shots of the mountains. This is from the rig going west on MT 44. Yep it was raining a little bit.
After the wiper blade and you can see the front just ahead of us.
A quick stop for a tiny rest and to let the puppies walk.
Pretty magnificient looking.
On the way into the park at the stop sign. 

Horses on the side of the road. Traffic jam.
Cold at the top and a long way there. 
Part of the really long wet road! 
The view outside my front door!
Sight seeing the lake and the mountains.

Falls time - I love the falls.

Tina and Liz said there wasn't this much water yesterday in this chute.

This is an album cover for serenity! Maybe a Daniel Gibson. He does such great work in making music for the soul.

A video of a small water fall by the road. Thanks Liz for taking this for me.

The view from my window at about 6 p.m.

Site out my door about 9 p.m.

We are sight seeing again tomorrow and will have a post, if all holds well. I lost my bluetooth today out sight seeing, so I'll try to keep an eye out for it maybe I'll find it...will be wet but who knows stranger things have happened. (I know, I know, but I forgot I was wearing it!) Won't need it until we get to Alaska, but it's $50 bucks out the window and it was a super fit for my tiny ears.

Okay, it is about 10 p.m. and has gotten quite cool in here. Time to close the kitchen window shade and publish this. Then hit the sack. Bet I sleep good tonight. Wonder if there will be critters around the camp sites tonight.......will let you know.

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  1. I love the double falls picture with the trees and, of course, the serendipity picture. They are all good. Nice to finally glimpse some blue sky especially for all of you. Hope you find the bluetooth.