Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ford service in Fairbanks for Suite Pea

Only have one bit of advice on getting your Ford vehicle serviced in Fairbanks. If it is a big rig, well not really big, but bigger than 25 feet, better not be anymore than oil and filter change. They cannot accommodate your rig in the bays. My rig, Suite Pea, is 30' 11" and with a stinger on make 32'. It is 12' 8" or there abouts tall and 8' 6" wide. The service work was completed on the road outside of the dealership. It would have been done just outside the service bays, but they are doing construction and there was no space available. There is no other Ford dealer in Fairbanks or nearby. Next one is down at Anchorage.

Got a Winnebago? Need warranty work done? The guys are in Anchorage.

Have you not yet seen Suite Pea? Here she is.


  1. Suite Pea is looking good; I can tell she is in slides opened but still prepped for travel mode when the pictures were taken. I miss her.

    1. We are getting ready to hit the road again. She is doing quite well. Will try to come up with her mileage numbers soon.