Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Travel day Waterton to Calgary

Well, we had to cancel our road trip thru the Ice Fields seeing Banff and Lake Louise and all that area. There was a cold front that came through. It brought with it a tornado at Taber, east of Waterton several miles, lots of rain and more wind than you can imagine. It even rocked Suite Pea last night and I got up and brought in the bedroom slide about 11:30. Yes, I had already pulled in the front slides. It was pretty awful. Prediction was for more rain and maybe snow and the wind would not stop for 3 or 4 days.

So we decided to hook up and leave. Now, I admit, I had seen how bad it looked and had heard the weather forecast the night before. I didn’t get up and get with it, so when the sistahs came knocking on my door to have a meeting on actions of the day, I was still in my pj’s. But when we said leave, I was up, dressed, breakfasted and had Herbie hooked up in about an hour!

Off we go, Liz is the leader and we fall in with me being the sweep. A few miles down the road and Mitch has to make a stop to check for something and then she is the sweep. We are driving in rain and wind. Just outside Pincher Station, Nan drops back, at Pincher Station Mitch stops to fuels up. We keep trucking to Hwy 3, looking for the sun and clear skies to the NE. We make good time and merge on Hwy 2. Off to Calgary. While make a stop for us and Herschel, Mitch whizzes past us. Before we are back on the road Nan passes. Nan and Tina stop for fuel and Liz and I go on down the road. Then we stop to fuel up and Tina passes us. We head on into Calgary that way.

We got to the park that we had selected (because it was listed in the PA directory) and it was a dump and no longer a PA park. I needed water since I didn't fill up at Waterton. So I kind of had to make the stop - this one or another close. So I am in a spot and watching the weather. The others headed for WalMart but not sure if they were able to get permission to stay or not.

Lake Louise is reporting, flooding and mud slides. Campgrounds are closed and it is not looking good for them for the next 3 or 4 nights. So our jello plans are switched. We are headed north toward Edmonton on Hwy 2.

Back to Silence Mode.


  1. Call Jack Worth in Strathmore right outside Calgary if you need any help. I can't believe they caught you in your PJs; I bet they were up from the storm. Too bad about Lake Louise and Banff but maybe on the way home. You five have traveling together down to a science.