Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Travel Day NP - St. Mary’s Campground, MT to Waterton, AB

Today was a travel day and was our day to enter into Canada.

Getting ready to go. Well we have all agreed that Mitch has the most expensive hair dryer in the group.

We took a really nice little road from St. Mary up through Babb and then over the mountainous area to the Border on Chief Mountain Highway. Along the way we met some folks moving their cattle. Brought back memories of neighbors moving cattle around from one field to another.

We made a stop at the overlook. Nice and you can see the road to the campground but not in the pic – here you have the mountain. Here are the puppers and mama’s, and the Serviceberry tree blossoms.

Here we are in the Waterton Provincial Park – all together. On the far left is the nose of Tina’s rig, then a butt shot of Liz’s rig, then my rig next to Mitch’s trailer and on the far right is Nan’s rig.
A sign that is repeated in the park. Just a reminder that these are wild animals and they have “without provocation” attack people.

A shot toward the US end of the lake. This actually becomes a wind tunnel when the storms come thru.

A wildflower in the park.

The Prince of Wales lodge and restaurant. We were going to high tea but they would not open until June 8. Nice vista from the grounds.

We decided to take a trip to Lake Cameron which is at the end of the road. We made several stops along the way.

A brown bear crossing the road. This was after Mitch had jumped out of the car so she could get closer for a better picture. This was the best I could get.
At the end of the road was the lake and restrooms. Snow was evident and the lake was frozen though not solid. The girls at the lake and around the restrooms.

Right out of the car I had a bird fly over and land on the road just about at my feet. He then flew up into a tree. Immature Gray Jay I think.

A Common Goldeneye Ooops - 2nd take this is a Barrow's Goldeneye!
That makes it a "Lifer"!

A great view of the Cameron Lake

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  1. Looks a bit warmer there until you went touring around. That poor duck must have been wondering what on earth he came back north so early for. Looks like fun is being had by all.