Monday, June 18, 2012

Travel Day - Delta Junction to Fairbanks

Had a great time at Delta Jct. Now on to Fairbanks for more adventures.

The drive up was not far in miles, but it was great in viewing the mountains, lakes and rivers.

We debated on whether this was all the way to Denali or not. Never decided. But it could be.

We made a stop at the Knotty Shop. Great items in their shop.

We made our over night stop the Wal-Mart because Liz and I needed to check out where our Tuesday and Wednesday appointment for our rig maintenance was located. We found it went in and talked with the folks and they said...Oh, we don't use the internet system for appointments. Crap! But they talked with the Service Manager and told us both to be there early in the morning. Park our rigs in the circle at the end of the road and come in and do the paperwork. Okay, we can do that...soon as we find that spot they want us to park the rigs in. We found it! All is good. Now to go load up at Wally's World.

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  1. What great mountain pictures. Love the carved animal statues.