Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sikanni River RV Park, BC

Wow, it has been a really long time since the last post. Much silence because we haven’t had any WiFi service available. This park has WiFi at the front porch of the office.

We have really been pushing the road. But I am tired and ready to lay back and look at the trees, listen to the birds, and slow down. That may mean that I travel alone for a bit. That’s okay. I came for a once in a lifetime trip. That includes seeing things and enjoying the new and different sights and sounds. We don’t all have to be together. It is a ‘loose caravan’. So it’s time for me to loosen up.
Lots of things have been completely not what I expected. I thought when we got to the upper regions of Canada that there would be snow and lots of cold. Guess there is but not in June. Lots of sunshine, not terribly cold. The cold is like AZ in the spring and falls, nice when the sun is up and shining on you, but when the sun goes down, it is really cool. Read that as cold to me.

Last night we had a campfire by Mitch and then we roasted wieners and ‘four cheese brats’. Was really quite good, and we also had coleslaw, baked beans,  with condiments and for toppers it was peanut butter chocolate chip cookies by Liz. Quite tasty was it all. We broke up the campfire about 8:15 and the sprinkles started about 8:20. Light rain most of the night.

We found out at Dawson Creek on Saturday morning, 0 mile photo op, that there was a road out farther north. It is west of Fort Nelson and the Alaska bound rigs are stopped there until the repair is completed. Last evening our campground owner said it was ‘thought’ that it would be completed Sunday evening. So time we will tell if that is true.

Our campground is right beside the Sikanni Chief River. A few birds around, but I only did birds by ear yesterday. Got Yellow Warbler, Robin, small peep that sounds like a Least, but looks large, could be here but on the river? Should have Warbling Vireo around, but haven’t seen or heard one yet.I really looked for a Clark’s Nutcracker at Waterton but none. Lots of Black-billed Magpie everywhere. Raven and Crow all over the place. Tree Swallows are around a lot. I haven’t seen a lot of Barn Swallows but they should be here. Lots of Cliff Swallows at nearly every bridge up to Dawson Creek. They show as being here but I haven’t seen any since Charlie Lake gas stop. Hope to see Mountain Chickadee soon. Kind of iffy on the Pacific Wren, but have had the Marsh Wren, Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Looking for Varied Thrush and I had an interesting sound last night, but no sighting. Should be out of Gray Catbird range now but the Euro Stars are everywhere up here , too. Had hoped for Western Tanager but not yet. Sparrows haven’t been as plentiful either, but that could be because I am not in the right habitat for them.

Moving to fast and not birding….not good. So I'll be planning some longer stops and more viewing of everything. Scary being out by yourself in such a desolate area. But I am a big girl so it will be okay.


  1. Really like your "loose Caravan" concept. That's the way we hope to travel next year, following your footsteps with a few other Casitians.

    1. It can still have it's challenges. Many, many of these Provincal and "gov't" parks can accommodate 10 or 12 or 6 rigs and they are dry camping. Some don't allow genny's at all. So make sure of your accommodations. If someone is on a C-pap they need to be sure the batteries will support them thru the night! It has been a bit cold at night here, too. A whoping 42* last night and that was cold even in Suite Pea. We have not had any reservations...just drive up. It's worked so far!

  2. I missed all of your posts over the weekend and through last night so I am catching up now. I can tell you are a little tired. Time to rest up a bit, you have all summer.