Saturday, June 16, 2012

We are in ALASKA!

We Did It!! We made it to Alaska. Got through US Customs about 2 p.m. AK time and that relates to 3 p.m. CA time.  Took about an 1.5 hours to get up the hill and through the line. The roads improved considerably. I'll get more information and pics when I get better connectivity as I am on a borrowed system.
It is in sight - just gotta get there.

Just wanted to let you know: The Adventures will continue here in this beautiful state.

More on the entry and on the way to the town of Tok.

The roads improved greatly once we got into AK. What a relief that was. The last 50 miles were nearly as bad as the previous 50 miles to that.

This is nice.
Even the patches were nice to drive on - didn't even feel them. Numb?

Sight from a parking pullout.

Little ponds/lakes off the side of the road. Yep, thru Suite Pea's window.

Made it to Tok about 6:30 and was totally wiped out. Had a guest come over and she was wiped out too!

Alaska adventures are ready to start happening.

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  1. Glad to hear that you made it. I'll be waiting to hear more about your adventures.