Sunday, June 24, 2012

Creamers Dairy Birding

Today the caravan is splitting up. Liz, Nan and Tina will go to Chena Hot Spring Road for a few days. I’ll stay here in Fairbanks. We took off and went to Creamers for birding before they left to go on the road.

Still trying to figure out what this means.

I took Herbie out and of course I got there before they did. I was standing out looking at birds and watching the road for them, when I saw Nan and Tina drive past. I called Nan but she didn’t answer so I called Tina and told her they went past and how to come back into the parking lot. They made it back. The dogs can go into the fields but must be on leash. So Nan took Spring and Bear and went down the path. Tina got Herschel. Liz came in with Jennifer and Ashley and we took off down the paths, too.

First on the agenda were the ducks and a lone shorebird in the first pond. Then there were geese walking around. Further down near the second pond were loafing Sandhill cranes. 

They were more cranes in the fields. We walked toward the wetland areas and our first bird was singing in the top of a pine tree. 

After much discussion, we decided it must be a Savannah Sparrow. 

In a nest box beneath that tree was a nesting Tree Swallow. 

Lots of nest boxes out for those guys. We heard and saw a Yellow Warbler down in the wetlands. Not many birds moving out in the open for us. More ducks on the water and mosquitos got steadily worse. Got a Off Towlette out of the back pack for reinforcement. It helped but they were getting really bad. 

It was still quiet as we meandered on back to the visitor center. It was enjoyable though not real birdy. Any day you see birds is a good day!

Nice flowers on the property.
 I think it was birders 5 species, skeeters 4 species. It's a great place to bird.


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  1. Great pictures. Waiting to hear what you did while the others went to boondock.