Monday, June 4, 2012

Wildlife and sights of Glacier National Park

This will be real quick as we are preparing to leave. Mostly photos little words.

Tina's sighting was great.
 Out little Sistah viewing the rushing waters.
 Who goes into the mountains in shorts?
 Herbie likes the mountain view.
Nan at the Many Glacier Lodge entrance

Herbie likes the falls.

Liz dressed all snug and Mitch walking around in her shorts!
 One of the little critters.
 On a hill side way up there.

So can you see these guys up there?

On the other side of the was this pair.
Then the silver back. Or is it?

A thrush on the way out.

Okay, we are leaving here headed to Waterton Park, Townsite. So we will be silent until we get WiFi. We are having fun on our way to Alaska.

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  1. Liz is from Florida and Mitch from Tennessee so she has thicker blood already. Yours will thicken up and then it will feel hot here in Texas. Loving your pictures. On to Waterton!