Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Hot, Hot, Hot end of July

Here we are on a Saturday. Just sweltering in a giant kettle. On the back of my rig it says it is now 118*. Was 120 a bit a go. Need to move that before it breaks. Had a couple of ladies over for lunch today. We had a great time. Visiting with co-workers is fun part of the job. We are all here for different reasons. Some will come back and some won't. Have spent the afternoon writing and doing some computer updates.

Later found out the schedule had changed and I had dish duty that I missed. Oh, well. Will be on time for dinner dishes at 6 p.m.

There is a greater flamingo resting at night at Lake Livingston and I need to find that spot so I can try to get this bird in my binocs. They are such neat birds and this one has been here before. I think they said this is the 3rd year for it coming here. It has been farther south on the coast. I'd like to make a trip down to the White park for some birding too. Then at Woodville there is supposed to be a board walk with birds. That is possible too.

Got a site for a live cam in South Africa called Pete's Pond. It was really neat. Would like to get a dawn sighting on it. Maybe later this p.m. as there is 5 hours difference in time.

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