Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday at the Care Center - Day 1

Had the alarm set for 5:40 so I could take my pills, brush my teeth, put on my shorts/t-shirt and get a cap. Then off to meet Shirley at the side door to go around and open all the doors to get ready for breakfast. She and I had morning duty, too. In addition, we had 4:30 kitchen duty this evening. I had orientation scheduled for 9:30 and after that was completed I went for groceries. Found a frozen box of Shrimp Etoufee and got that for lunch. It was just okay, probably wouldn’t buy it again. But got some apples and a couple of Bertolli dinners plus some sweet potatoes. Put the awning out on the rig and put the de-flappers on each end. Took a nap before I went back to work.

Played Mexican Train this evening with a four residents and Shirley C., Shirley E., and Sara. It was fun. We played two games before I left and I won both. Beginners luck.

Came back to the rig and did some catch up work. Kept hearing the awning flap, so even though it was de-flappered, I went out and put it up. Most folks have their’s up, but then they have them ‘grounded’. I didn’t have the energy to do that yet. May try for Thursday or Friday.

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