Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wow Sunday

Just finished, nearly, a week of work. Did complete my first 24 hour on call session. That is quite grueling. Not that the work is difficult, but it is that the responsibility is tremendous and there is no staff person on call for decision making. You make it on the fly.

The management team is operating in a bit of a fog. It's like they just 'give it to a volunteer' kind of attitude. This week will be over 50 hours of "being available and or working". If and that is a big IF I make it thru August, I certainly won't make the mistake of coming back to volunteer, unless the hours are more manageable. I was not prepared for this uncaring attitude for the worker bees.

The program is a superb program. The management of it, Top Down, is one of the worst that I have experienced. I have seen some doozy's but this is in the top 3 of poorly managed.

The best managed program I have volunteered with was a Mentally Retarded organization in Oklahoma City. That organization has grown tremendously, and though I know some of the folks that were on the board with me, I am not sure who was responsible for the overwhelming growth. But it is fantastic.

Okay enough whining...need to get ready for a trip to Galveston Island on Monday.


  1. This does not sound good Birdie, not at all as expected. I hope it gets straightened out quickly.

  2. I am sorry to hear about the Care Center problems. I was hoping to do some volunteering when I retired, but now, I am not too sure. Keep us posted if anything changes.