Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tempest Tuesday

Well it is certainly nice and cool here today. Temps around 11 a.m. is 75*. Can't beat that for July in East Texas. I have driver duty all day today. That means I need to be available to drive anyone anywhere. First drive was to have been to Kingwood, but it got cancelled yesterday. So I have an appointment for a couple and left at 1:30 and got back at 4:30. Then a resident fell, paramedics called, came and took him to the ER. As driver, I took his wife. Yep broken hip/leg. Really too bad and he doesn't know what happened. One minute standing up and the next laying down. Tomorrow will get the 7 to 2 driver job.

While out driving I ran across Catfish King....woohoo. I love fried catfish and I intend to partake of that soon.

I have gotten my whirlybird Blue Jay, the wrought iron pink painted flamingo, the drink in hand flamingo, the whirly painted bunting, and the gambel's quail all out surrounding the rig. The solar hummingbird is showing it's colors most all night and the lighthouse is lighting up too.

I do need to cover the tires with the white covers....just haven't gotten to it yet. Looks like I'll need to get the grass cut by the door too. Rain has made it grow quite well.


  1. Driving sounds like a pretty good gig to get. You'll have to take a photo of your rig all decked out. The dachsies and I miss you. I can't believe you are getting all this cool weather.

  2. Why am I just noticing you have a blog? 'Cause I'm oblivious most of the time, I guess. What a neat thing you are doing, volunteering there. Too bad it's in such a hot place in the summertime, tho. Now I need to go read some of your past entries.