Sunday, July 3, 2011

The New Toy - small one

While I enjoyed myself attending the Fleetwood National Motorhome Rally in Shawnee, OK, I attended some interesting seminars. One that I attended was on getting the most out of your cell phone and data card. Boosting the signals. This was presented by Durand. His products were mostly Wilson. They have been around for quite awhile. So I went ahead bit the bullet and purchased the "Universal Booster" and the accessories to hook it up both using 12 volt and 110. So I am trying it out today using the 110. I am at my brothers and the signal for AT&T here for data and cell is pretty awful. Maybe 1 bar for cell and -95 or -101 for the data card. I am here to tell you that with my setup currently I have the data card touching the booster and I am getting a consistent -71 and it is running fast. The cell on the other hand is running all the bars (5) if I touch the booster and 4 if it is laying beside it 3-4" away. That is using the antenna as a magnetic mount on the metal railing around the steps on the back of the house. I haven't tried using the suction cups and mag mount on the window. I'll try that at the rig tonight.

So today, I got up early and ran the carpet cleaner on the bedroom floor and the dining and living room floors :). Left the two fans running and came over to do the house duty things at my brother and sister-in-laws. The day before yesterday when I came by, in checking all the rooms, I walked into the pantry/laundry room and smelled an awful smell. I thought it was either a rotten batch of potatoes, or a dead mouse. So today it was still smelling. Ii walked out into the back yard and it was there too. So I thought maybe a squirrel got in the attic and died near one of the soffitts. While feeding the birds and watering the plans in the back, I noticed it was a really strong guessed it. Dead squirrel in the back yard. So I managed to dispose of it and now the smell is just barely. Will be gone in a bit.

The "b" on my keyoard is acting up. So I think I need to do the upside down shaking to see what I have dropped into it. Tomorrow, I'll make another trip over here and do the Birthday thing for them. They will enjoy it, I am sure.

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