Friday, July 27, 2012

Almost to Katmai National Park

Well our planned trip to Katmai National Park did not get to the final spot. We were scheduled to be at the plane dock at 7:30 a.m. As we turned into the drive way I got a phone call that said take off would be delayed due to weather at the other end. We went and I indulged in a McD's Sausge with biscuit and a coffee. We did take off late and had some magical views. They were of the mountains, horizons, ocean, cloud formations in and round the mountains, rivers and snow running through and off the mountains, mountains poking their heads through the clouds, white caps on the oceans and I even captured the nearly unidentifiable  images of our rigs on the spit campground.

Here are the shots with short or no comments from me.

Our great pilot Doug.

Happy Birthday Liz!

Our runway - looking back.

These shots are the small town of Homer.

Surrounding views from Homer.

Doug and Liz

You can it smoking here.

Mount Augustine from a distance. A recent blow and has little snow or vegetation.
She is still thinking about it for a later time.

Looking peaceful here.

Liz checking things out with her binocs.

Mouth of the McNeil River.

Would I do it again? For the original planned experience, yes I would. For what we ended up doing, no I wouldn't. There are another hundred photos and I'll post them on Picasa later for looking during your leisure time. LOL!!

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  1. So sorry you didn't get to land and see the bears but you did get some great photos.