Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Travel morning to Kelly Lake

What a nice lake here and we are going to put our kayaks in a get them wet.

There are Loons out here because we can hear them. There are also Bald Eagles because we can hear them and Nan and Tina saw them. Also have beaver here and they have a pretty active lodge.

You have to look hard and imagine. It is a beaver!

Nice trip out.

Liz, Tina, Herschel and Stuart and I went for a hike along the river. Stuart convinced the Gray Haired Lady (GHL) that he would come when called for if she let him go swimming! It worked – both ways.

That is a Stuart dog swimming, swimming and swimming!

We saw the “Free Public Use Cabin” in the woods. What a great idea.

Liz and I walked to Peterson Lake just around the corner, maybe a mile. It was a bit smaller and more shallow than Kelly Lake. It also had Common Loons and two Bald Eagles. Look at this Bald Eagle as it took off flying across the lake toward where we were standing. Wow!!! is all I can say. I'll do a post just with the eagles.

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  1. Great eagle picture. Neat cabin too. Glad you got some kayaking in.