Monday, July 9, 2012

On the Road Again–Cantwell to Talkeetna

Well after a good night’s rest and laundry completed. We (Tina, and Liz) were off to Talkeetna. Nan stayed behind. It was a pleasant drive and had some good scenery on the way. You can see a little powder of snow on the mountains.

Made a stop at a rest stop at the Alaskan Veteran's Memorial store/center was closed for the 'Season'. Picnic and restrooms still open. We have seen a lot "closed for the season" signs on businesses.

We made a stop at a roadside State Park to see if we could spot Mt. McKinley but we weren’t successful. Got a couple of shots of a map showing the mountain names.

Arrived at Talkeetna and found our end of the day campground. Had a choice of trees or river….guess where I headed. Trees of course. Price is the same – no services, just rocks for a campfire and a few mosquitos.

This was a really neat small tourist seeking town. The town was within walking distance of our campground. So we made our trip reservations and then walked to town. Tina reserved for a glacier flight seeing to Mt. McKinley. Liz, the girls and I reserved for a ‘history of the area’ float trip down the Talkeetna.

We visited the cemetery. They have a monument to honor those that attempted climbs around the Alaska Mountain Ranges. Some were quite said - 3 young men in their late teens and one early 20's with the same last name. You have feel bad for families losing folks all at once like that. Many flower blooming around all over the cemetery.

We had lunch at the famed Roadhouse Family restaurant and hotel/motel/rooms for rent. It was pretty good eating. Good enough we decided we would do breakfast before we left. That's another post.

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