Saturday, July 21, 2012

Clam diggers–no license so I didn’t dig

We got up this morning and headed up the road to clam dig. Okay, so we don’t have a license so we did a little more than what we did last night at the ‘netting’ job. We carried the buckets!

Vanessa, Bob, Janet, Sue and Les. Sharon is hiding behind the pickup door.
Sue and Sharon

Another job that is a lot of hard work. Since we were bucket carriers and spotters, we didn't take the cameras out there. It was misting and spitting rain and it was ugly, cold work.

Here they are being prepared. Well except for the cooking and eating. The camera battery died at the cleaning stage. Sorry.

Janet checking on them.

Janet and Don removing shells.

Checking for those guys to pop out.

This is Les, Janet and Don cleaning them.

The parts not used will get here.

Those are Razr Clams. But final outcome – oh my goodness. I had never eaten a hole fried clam. I didn’t know they came that way! I though all clams were about 1/2 inch wide a 2.5 inches long! Not true. These were great. Best clams that I have eaten. I’d eat them again in a heart beat. Don and Vanessa did a great job cooking them up - actually Vanessa doesn't do clams in any way shape or form. So Don did a good job cooking them up.


  1. Interesting. Never knew they came that big either. You all have some really dressy outfits on there. lol.