Thursday, July 5, 2012

Teklanika cg–Remi gets 10 minutes of campground freedom!

Since I had volunteered to walk the dogs on my free day I decided that I’d hike in the riverbed for a little bit first and do some photos. Then I’d go take Herschel, then Stuart, then Remi and Herschel. Remi is very scared of most things that are way bigger than him. So Herschel was ready and we did our thing. Stuart is always ready for a walk. And he was more than ready for his walk. Remi said he didn’t need to go out, thank you.

Two hours later, I went back and took them out again and this time I told Remi that he had to take a walk. He was agreeable but not for anything would he lift his leg!

Two hours later, I went back and took them out again. I decided to walk around the loop this time and see if Remi would lift his leg. Well he and Herschel wound around me and as I was changing the leashes from hand to hand, Remi spooked and pulled the leash out of my hand! OMG, OMG!! I ran after him and tried to step on the leash, as I was pulling Herschel, but I couldn’t get to it. So I ran and put Herschel back in the rig and took off calling for Remi. I found 3 kids about 6 or 7 and yes they had seen him he was over here… over here…..remember the lady was reading a book! Okay, we found the lady and yes he was under her rig, but he wouldn’t come to her and went that away. So I went that away and there was a young man with Remi on leash. He asked if he was mine and I said yes. Remi walked toward me and I picked him up. I expected him to be shaking like a leaf….absolute not shaking! I couldn’t believe it. He was calm, cool and collected. Like, hey man, I like it up here. Dog can see forever! I am equal to everything! That little booger – he scared 50 years off my life running like that here where bear and lynx (and lots of things we don’t know about) can occur at any time of the day and any day! I guess all is well that ends well!

The next time that I went to walk them, I told Remi, he had to cross his legs because I wasn’t doing that again. Now you know that Herschel wouldn’t go anywhere if he was off leash anyway. He wants to know his people are right there ready and waiting for him just as he is waiting for them. Stuart on the other hand would not ‘bolt’ he would just put his nose down and take off smelling and running after what ever moved….bird, animal or butterfly. You could catch him if you had the stamina and stood only 12 inches off the ground and could run thru the underbrush. Probably he’d get hungry and coming running back at some point – the thing is would he remember or be able to find his way back?

Liz said this was where her cat, Bandit, got scared 3 years ago and took off got out of his harness and was in the woods. She caught up with him, too. (Unfortunately, she has not heard anything about him since he escaped during the accident near Rockport, TX this past February.)

Tina, didn’t get her shotgun out! Man oh man, I figured she might do that when I told her. I’ll think twice before I volunteer to dog walk again! While looking for him, I thought, I’ll die if I don’t find him, yep I will cuz she’ll kill me.  Whew!

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