Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cleaning up the air

We are having a bit of a rain here at Denali National Park. It is like a fall air cleaning after harvest. Just sprinkles real lightly for about 10 or 15 minutes. Then it stops and waits about 15 or 30 minutes and does it again. Hope it's just for the Sunday visitors and it has no plans to continue this week.

They have a camera setup at the entrance visitor center where you can go stand and wave at your family and friends. The camera refreshes every 15 seconds. Not great pics, but it is fun. I called and talked with my brother and sister-in-law while waving to them.We got a kick out of doing that. Yes we could skype and do all the rest of that stuff, but hey, here it was waiting for us. Here is the photo my sister-in-law captured. Hard to tell anything about it, but it's me.

First the whole picture.

Then it is cropped.

Tomorrow we will go into a week of silence, unless we bring our machines out to the front and access the internet here. We have tonight here at Riley Creek Campground. On Monday and Tuesday night we are in Savage River Campground. On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night we are in Tetlanika Campground. We are back out on Sunday.

I have a pass for the entire journey to the end of the road on the 6th. That is 12 hours from the front but we will be probably two or more hours out when I get picked up. I am getting so excited about being here!!! and getting to see all these things! I talked with two ladies today at the Visitor Center and they had seen several bears, moose, and a cariboo just walked right in front of the bus they said. I have seen all of the wild animals, but it is still exciting to see them in their natual habitat.

Okay, I'll have some stuff for you in a week or so. Hope you have as great a week as I plan to have!!

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  1. Oh, how neat. Great job Teresa! Sorry I wasn't home to see you too Birdie. I know you will have some fantastic pics the next time you post although I'm not sure how they could beat what you have already posted.