Saturday, July 28, 2012

Homer going north toward some place - found some birds

We left Homer today, but before we got away, we went back to a couple of favored spots. The Islands and Oceans boardwalk and The Two Sisters Bakery and Cafe. Got some good bird pics on the walk and we noted that the eaglets across from the Post Office had flegeded overnight. That's a good deal for them as they will need to build the flight muscles before winter sets in and catches them unaware. It will take about 4 years to get to the adult stage. Many don't make it. Let's hope these two are lucky.

Some sparrows on the board walk. This is for my friends to ponder and ID.

On the way around Skilak Loop I saw these guys. Well two of them, here is one. More posts on tomorrows blog.

We ended up at the Russian River Campground parked in the overflow lot. That was pretty nice. We hiked up the campground road and back to the rigs. Need to do that more often.

Funn rock faces.

Down at the Russian River, but no salmon here that we could see.

On the way home a gray jay taunted us with his sounds.

A black-capped chickadee came out long enough for a bad shot.
Driving around Skilak Loop we found these berries. They remind me of sumac back in Oklahoma and Texas. Don't know what they are.

More bird pics for my bird friends. By default we called this an Alder Flycatcher.

Rock Lake where we found the loons and I saw a Black Bear.

Oops just left!

Headed down!

Hidden Lake

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  1. Even though I can't identify any of the birds, I still really enjoy all of your pictures of them. They are so good. This looks like a great day that you and Liz had together.