Monday, July 2, 2012

Travel Day–Riley Creek Campground to Savage River Campground

Another view out the front window of Suite Pea. Playing with the 'fishbowl' on the camera.

Today we moved up the mountain to the Savage River Campground. This is the middle campground to where RV’s are allowed. It was a slow 15 miles due to the many repairs going on to the roadway. Many ‘breaks’ in the pavement.

About half-way up the hill, I caught up with a flatbed, empty, 18 wheeler. There were a couple of cars behind him, one of which found it necessary to try to pass! Give me a break! Where are you going in such a hurry? You are in a car. You can only go to the Savage River turnaround about 3 miles up the road.

There were some people stopped looking to the left and so he pulled around the vehicles on our side of the road and stopped. There were vehicles stopped in the approaching lane to allow cars to go around the stopped vehicles. I was stopped and looked over to the left, too. There was a ‘caribou’ sighting. Now here is ‘little ole me’ so I thread the needle between the cars and go on. The caribou was two nice sized antlers sticking up from the greenery. You were unable to see the animal. Even up as high as I was, I only saw antlers. Going on up the road, I met an ‘Interpretive Ranger’ coming down the road. After I got to the turn around and was coming back, the ‘IR’ had moved the traffic along pretty well. Only one car left viewing the antlers. I feel sure he was there to make sure that no JA went out and got the animal to stand up. Yep, you know someone would do that.

Nan is parked in the spot behind me and when I arrived she had a campfire going really well. She and Tina were enjoying the skeeter free time. I pulled a partly burned log out of my fireplace and took it over and joined them for a bit. Liz, Jennifer and Ashley came by. Some of the group decided to do a hike.

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