Thursday, July 19, 2012

Travel Day–Kelly Lake to Homer

I left Kelly Lake for Homer and had an uneventful drive. I noticed that gas prices were $4.219 north of Sterling and Soldotna and $4.239 from there to Ninilchik and after that it went up. Home it is $4.299, so far.

On my way down I got a call from Gypsysuzy and Sprinter and they wanted to know when I was going to be ready to “go”. I was 5 miles out and didn’t have a campground. So I found a campground that Sprinter suggested and got parked, my bedroom slide out and there was knocking on my front door. So after hugs and a little visiting we took off down the road with our guides, Janet and Les.

Janet and Les are Sue’s friends from the lower 48. They were full-timing and had always said that if they found a good place that they wanted to see more of, they would put down temporary roots. Homer was a spot they wanted to see more of it and the whole state. It was great meeting them.

Our first stop was Captain Patties. Seafood on the menu. Sprinter was wanting some ‘real’ crab legs and at $70.50 for 1.5 pounds she said “Do It”. The Gypsy and I split an appetizer of clam strips, oyster strips, mozzarella sticks and shrimp. Janet and Les had Clam Chowder and split smoked salmon spread. It was all delicious or out of the world. I helped Sprinter by cleaning up the Crab Legs she didn’t have room for. – Okay Gypsysuzy helped me.We didn’t want Sprinter to be embarrassed.

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  1. How great is this to meet good friends on the other side of the country for lunch!