Monday, July 9, 2012

Time is up at Denali National Park - We are out!

We made the trip down out of the mountains today. Dumped and filled with water at the Mercantile Store and then made our way down the highway to Cantwell. It is only about 27 miles. Stopped for the ridiculous price of $4.639 for gasoline at the Tesoro station. The Chevron was closed down and fenced in. Was a long day and I am ready for the sack.

Have my laundry completed and the list of telephone calls to be completed tomorrow morning before I hit the road again. My braking system failed!! So I need to get that repaired in Anchorage. Will make that appointment. After that I'll head down to Talkeetna and a River Raft trip for Tuesday. Hopefully, I will hear about the appointment request for the braking system and get that confirmed for Thursday. That will give me Wednesday to drive down to Anchorage.

I have the posts for the trip up into Denali all written out but I don't have the pics selected and loaded to Picasa. Will be working on that. Needless to say it was a very interesting trip. Took a couple of photos and I will be getting them all completed shortly.

Tired and glad to be hooked to electric. They had snow on the mountains last night. We didn't get touched but the tops of the mountains were all covered with new, never touched by humans, snow.


  1. Glad you are back online. Can't wait to see the pictures on your upcoming posts. Are you talking about the braking for Herbie or the braking for Suite Pea? Must be Herbie's hookup or you wouldn't be driving.

    1. Getting the pics ready is a challenge as you know. I take bunches of pics and then have to cut them down.

      Yes it was Herbie's braking system and Suite Pea for the fresh water siphoning problem. That's all done now!!!