Friday, July 20, 2012

Homer touring and watch fishermen

First line of business was lunch. So we stopped at Two Sisters Bakery and Cafe. Great food. For those Texans, the food reminds me of LeMadeline. Great!!!

We girls did some sight seeing at a couple of places. One place was Nikolaevsk which is a Russian Orthodox community. It was established by the "old Believers" or followers of the "Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church". It was quite interesting. They are constructing a new church building. That is a lot of work.

Then we went to another Russian Orthodox community and visited the cemetery and looked at the village below. Then it was time to move on as time was running out.

Now for the evening, we went ‘dip netting’.

So Janet told us to wear our waterproof boots and dress warmly as it would be cold and could be rainy. She didn't tell us it would be stinky, too. But we did fine. One young man looked at us Sue and Sharon was drinking, sitting snugly in their chairs. He decided we had the best job of anyone on the beach. We were decked out, in case you didn't see on Sharon's Facebook.

Well, we watched while Les and some other guys caught fish in these big nets and that is called ‘dip netting’. What a lot of work that is! Man those Red Sockeye Salmon that taste so good at home that you catch out of the sea (river, stream) are a lot of work!!!

Les looking this way for the fish. Later, it will be the other way!

Another one of the guys, having a good time catching fish!

Les says it is a little small, but it'll eat good!

I was so tired watching them, so were these guys.

Then after they caught them, they had to be gutted, fileted and beheaded. After that, you got decide what you are gonna do: freeze, can, smoke or eat them now. Janet and Les decided they will freeze what they have and they will be going out for more next weekend. Believe me I was tired when I got home at 2 a.m. Need to be up in the morning for Clam Digging.

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  1. Love the boots. You had a real Alaska experience here.