Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Travel Day–Savage River Cg to Teklanika River Cg–DNP

Today was travel day to Teklanika cg. It is located at Mile 29 on the Park Road. After you cross the Savage River bridge, the road is gravel to the end of the Park Road. The bridge is probably about Mile 22 as Savage River Cg is about Mile 19.

I had asked the Gate Attendant the day before about crossing the bridge. She stated that they don’t let folks go across and head up to Tek until 10 a.m. Well, she wasn’t working the day we went because there were several 5ers ahead of Nan and myself. Nan pulled out about 9:40 and I was about 5 minutes after her.

It was a really nice drive up the road. Even though it was gravel, (dusty!!!) it was in great condition. I made several stops on the way up. Okay, I made a bunch of stops on the way up. I used the camera through the window, stopped on the road and opened my window, pulled over in the pullouts and now I have so many shots. Only so many to go up here for you folks to view, but I intend to post a bunch on Picasa and will share them when I do that.

At one point when I was pulled over, (chalet05) Anita and LeRoy passed me on their way up.

Got to the campground.

Entered the first loop and found Anita and LeRoy parking. Drove on a bit further and found a pull-thru (I think the only one in the campground) just made for Suite Pea and me!!!! Actually, I was in shock that it was still available. Then I remembered I had just met a big rig that was going out when I was coming in back about 3 or 4 miles. Lucky me!

As I was sitting up, I called on the radio to see if I was the last one to arrive and to find out where everyone was parked. Tina and Liz were still on the road. Nan doesn’t use the radio so I didn’t know where she had parked. No, I wasn’t going to risk losing this prime piece of property driving around to find her!

Nice campground.

Tomorrow is trip day for Liz and her girls, Tina and Nan. I’ll walk the Boyz for Tina.

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  1. I love the contrast of your mountain pictures interspersed with the flowers. You should submit the picture of Suite Pea with the mountain in the background to Trailer Life for that "guess where this was taken" column. Oh, wait, you have to have the Good Sam decal showing.