Sunday, July 8, 2012

Last full day at Tek

Well, we awakened to a cloudy day. First one since we started our journey here at Denali National Park. We have had sun most of the time, though it did rain on us a couple of days. It likes to rain, sun comes out to jeer at you and then it’s time to go to bed, like it or not.

It didn’t start to rain until about 2 p.m. today. It rained about an hour and then the sun came out. When it quit raining, I cleaned the slides of dust and checked the battery water for the coach, I changed the batteries both inside and outside on my thermometer, and got the laundry soap out and the clothes sorted, the dishes done and put up and most everything broken down and stored ready for travel.

It was nice temp wise today at around 65 – 70 degrees. However, since I changed the batteries both inside and outside on my thermometer, it dropped the stored numbers. As best as I can remember the minimum of the 24 hours was 45* and the max was 70*. Not bad for 2500’+ elevation. Currently it is raining and 50*.

Well, not sure what tomorrow will bring weather wise, but we hope no rain, but lots of sunshine. We will be leaving out driving east, so maybe not really bright sun! We are headed to the bottom and I have to pick up Herbie. I may stop and dump at the Mercantile Store. We hope to spend the night at Cantwell RV park. They have electric and water (a few pull-thru's) with a dump station, showers, laundry, wi-fi (so far the wi-fi’s have been iffy at best) and that should fit us for one night.

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