Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On to Anchorage but sightseeing first

Tuesday, we took Jennifer and Ashley to Anchorage to catch their flight back to reality and to face the lower 48. Liz said somewhere right along here there were sheep/goats close to the road on the hillside. Sure enough, they remembered her and came down to catch sight of her. I was able to whip into a roadside stop and we got some nice shots of not only the sheep/goats but also of Mt. McKinley in the distance. Two for one kind of thing!

Mt. McKinley from Turnagain Arm stop

I was playing with the fishbowl setting on this one.

The sheep on the hill over the road at the same stop.

Hunger over took us so we made a stop at Schlotsky’s. That’s a good choice anytime for me. Okay we got stoked and are ready to go.

Next on our list: Earthquake Park. What an interesting sight. It is hard to explain what it looks like, but think of the Florida Sinkholes, only those don’t have bottoms 30 or 40 feet down and this does. Think your cake fell and you get the idea.

We then went to Kincaid Park and took a hike. A few birds hiding their. Nice park but none of the vending machines were working and they didn’t have maps of the park. So we asked for park maps and one of the worker bees gave us a couple. After a way down the hike – operative word being “down”, we decided that we needed to start back “up” the trail. Man we were tired and hungry by then, so we started for the airport so we could eat and then watch that the girls got their boarding pass and in the security check in line. We were going to dine at Chili’s but they were on the other side of Security. We ended up eating at a fish spot outside the security area. It was pretty good.

Girls got thru security and called that they were happy campers with wi-fi for the next couple of hours.

Liz and I headed back to our rigs. We made a stop at Potter’s Marsh and birded a bit.

Then we stopped at Jerome Lake and birded a bit. Then I convinced Liz that we should go on to Tern Lake as it was only about a mile out of the way - she agreed to go. Man I hate twisting arms like that! Not much happening at 11:30 at night at Tern Lake.  It was getting twilight but not quite dark.

By the time we got back to the rigs it was “dark”.

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  1. You are getting to be quite a night owl! Great photos. Good one of the elusive Mt McKinley.