Saturday, July 14, 2012

Seward Pelagic trip and Sea Life Center

We booked a 6 hour trip to see what we could see on the water and a ‘calving glacier’. I normally get seasick on a boat so I tried the ‘non-drowsy Dramamine’. I wasn’t seasick but I did get really sleepy at first and succumbed to sleep on the way back to harbor.

We managed several animals, orcas, and humpback whales, some dall porpoises, and a few sheep or were they goats, on the mountain. Several of the expected seabirds out there for us too. And yes we got the calving glacier. It gave us the calves while we were there. The Captain was pleased that we had such a successful trip. One of the best he said.

Hope you enjoy our trip too.

Out my front window a couple of cruise ships.

The smaller one is here!

Out my front window at ocean side. Immature Bald Eagle.
 Orca whales, they have a young with them.

 If you see a blow, geat ready for eye candy.

 Baby learning how to splash!
Most of these are Common Murre. Very fast, deep, divers and swimmers.
Humpback Whale getting prepared to breach, maybe.

Just rolling over and moving along.

Another one getting the gulls all excited.

He blows and the gulls come in. They eat krill and the gulls like that, too.


Beautiful waterfall from the melting glacier.

Glacier ice floating by the boat.

Great scenery.

More water falls from the glacier above.

I thought a shot in 'sepia tone' might be interesting.

The calving glacier. Lower left corner.

Majestic mountains.

A tour boat in front of the glacier.

The glacier calving on the right side just above the lady's head.

This is a shot of the glacier that I did in Black and White.

A puffin - a long way out there.

This Tufted Puffin was a bit closer. 

On the hillside was mom and baby.

Appears to be learning how to eat the grass and stay on the hill side pretty well.

Seal City.

Gulls are nesting here.

Horned Puffin

The Sea Life Center had lots of really neat things going on. Hope you enjoy these pics, too.

Sharon and Liz, cameras in hand.

The Sea Life Center. 

The  dedicated monument being captured by Sharon with Liz on the side. 

Nan, camera in hand prepping for pic taking.

The monument.

The girls, Sharon, Tina, Ashley, Jennifer and Liz. Nan and I were hanging back.

 The next shot are creatures.

King Eider

Rhinoceros Auklet
 Rhinoceros Auklet

 Tufted Puffin (butt shot) love that hair!

 Long-Tailed duck grooming!

 Tufted Puffin taking a drink, but keeping alert!

Horned Puffin
Tufted with nesting material.

A couple of Red-Legged Kittiwakes. 

And the baby wants to be famous too! 

And the video of the bath in the big tub! Watch this puffin.

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  1. Wow, these are really some amazing pictures. Looks like your boat trip hit the jackpot with all the things you were able to see.