Friday, May 11, 2012

The 3 corners

Made a day trip, okay just a morning jaunt, up to the marker for the site where the 3 states, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado join.

On the road over there was a spot along the road, actually several spots, where there were green rocks that looked like the green had been painted on the rocks. I took a photo but it doesn't show up too well.

Here is a couple of kid fun trees. Ah, if they could only talk.

Pretty red grasses blowing in the wind, a whole field of it.

A barn that probably worked for a period of time. Time's up!

I'd be willing to bet that this was a well house!

This is another forever photo. That is the highest point in Oklahoma ahead there.

A beautiful valley between the volcanic mountains.

Here I am in New Mexico, Colorado and Oklahoma.

I really do need to do something about that shocking pink hat and coral windbreaker. Both go with the jeans!!!


  1. Neat photos. Love the barn built with stacked rocks. Who took the photo with you doing the splits at the monument? Yup, you need a different hat. ;)

    1. But it is such a Girlie hat! It has a nice long bill, too. I took along 'self-time' for the photo op! :)