Saturday, May 26, 2012

What a day of traveling Sheridan, WY to Reed Point, MT

We left Sheridan on Friday morning in the rain. Not heavy, just a little misty, miserable stuff at a temperature of 39*. On the way here, we went over a little mountain and on the top we ran into a little snow flurries. Those of you who know me, know that the onlyiest white stuff on the ground that I enjoy is located at the BEACH. But Suite Pea, Herbie and I got thru that couple of miles really quite easily.

We made a stop at the Little Big Horn Battlefield National Park. Here are some scenes from the area with monuments.

This is really a beautiful landscape. All of the lands in the USA has great beauty. It is just different from one place to another. Some places you can see yourself living there, and some places you are glad you are enjoying as a visit but would not want to live there. But let me tell you, the winds of West Texas would have big competition from the winds of these states we have been traveling through and we haven’t hit the big winds!

We drove thru the southern outskirts of Billings and stopped at a truck stop for lunch and hit the road again. Going west about 50 miles to Reed Point and the Old West RV Park. When I talked with the owner this morning he said, no white stuff at the Park. Well, let me tell you, just west of the town of Columbus, we saw a sign that said, Bear Tooth Mountain Pass closed due to weather. And about that time we managed to find the rain and snow mix. Just a little farther, we found the snow.

Poor old Suite Pea….all she could say was slow down Mom, slow down. I couldn’t hear Herbie, but I bet he was saying….”What is this stuff, anyway, huh? Glad I am pushing Suite Pea cuz I wouldn’t want to be pulling her in this stuff – whatever it is!” Poor Herbie hasn’t seen anything like this. Suite Pea was born in a state that has weather like this, so parts of her may well have seen this stuff.

It was okay driving, but the snow pack was collecting on the windshield. Oh, well, we were within 15 miles of the park and I didn’t think it could go all the way up and catch the wipers. Was kind of wishing I had my Toyota and the Egg.

Made it to the Park. There goes Liz and Mitch. Got assigned a site, unhooked Herbie and parked him in front of Sport as there was more room and it’s not like Sports going anywhere. Got setup and all was good. Did I say this was a nice RV Park!

For dinner last night, we took a walk on the wild side and went to the local bar and grill. Okay, okay, it is the Waterhole Saloon, “Ain’t No City Bar”. What a neat place and great pizza, homemade pizza! And they have gizzards which I will have to go back and get and they have Mountain Oysters. Haven’t had them in since probably 1981 or 82 before I moved to Kentucky. They also have chicken as well as buffalo burgers. So if you are headed from or to Billings on I-90 stop at Reed Point, take Division Street to where you see the railroad tracks and it will be on the right.

Soon as it stops being precipitous, we will walk the town and take some photos. It has some real interesting buildings. Then we may do some sight seeing.

We are missing Carol who is still in Sheridan and not feeling up to traveling. Two of the ladies offered to stay with her in Sheridan and she indicated that they should go on and she would catch up with us. Just hope if she is really not getting better she will go to Urgent Care and get this taken care of before she heads across into Canada. Liz checked on her this morning and she still isn't feeling like traveling. I'll check on her this afternoon. Tina had a go with her foot so she stopped and saw a doctor in Billings. She is cleared to continue on...with the puppers she will be fine as they will keep her on "her feet" in the good shoes like the doc said.

Look here at Herbie this morning. Then Sport. Then the roof top.

Whoo hooo....we are going to Alaska!!  NOPE the snow outside is not an indication that we are THERE!

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  1. Close all those window shades and crank up the heat and you can pretend you are here in sunny, dry Texas where it is a delightful 90 degrees! It is great that such a very small town has proven to be interesting. We are also wanting to see the RV park please.