Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fort Laramie, Wyoming

What a fun trip from Wheatland to Fort Laramie. We made a detour to Guernsey State Park. We talked with them about staying Monday night and Tuesday night. They didn’t know what they had available or would have available. ???  Okay, we are RVer’s we get hit with all kinds of things. We can work this out. We were on our way to Fort Laramie with stops at Register Cliff and Oregon Ruts historic sites. But we needed to make a rest stop first. So here we are. This is a good butt shot. Little blue car driver didn't realize he wasn't an RV! Probably saw Herbie and thought he could park there too!

Our first stop after we went thru the small town of Guernsey was the Oregon Trail Ruts. This was really neat. The wagons really left an impact. Bet the environmentalist would have had their heads!
You can see a comparison with Mitch standing down in the rutted area. It must have been a daunting task traveling overland in those days. The indian situation was really not a problem in the early days. You can see forever, when you get over ‘the next hill’. A few of our friends along the way.

Mitch in the back ground

Loved the knarly pine

Tina and Mitch

Looks like large scratches in the rock

Deep Ruts

Mitch for comparison purposes

Grosbeak and I am thinking Rose Breasted female.

Looks likes a box turtle taking a drink.

Oriole nest started.

Our next stop was Register Cliff. This was a bit disappointing. There were a few names that appeared to be old, in the 1850’s but not too many. Lots of damage done to the cliff in recent time. They are trying to limit damage.

Signatures in the cliffs.

Fenced off area.

On to Fort Laramie. We stopped and left our rigs at the campground, Chuck Wagon RV Park. This is a Passport America park. We were pretty close together and close to our neighbors, too.
But we were in a hurry!

We had a mission! One of our traveling sisters, had reached an age of great importance earlier this year. Our mission? Obtain the Silver Haired Pass. Off to Fort Laramie National Park. That was not only fun for us to watch Tina get her pass, but an interesting site to visit.

Tina 'before'

Ranger taking her money.

She has a really big smile.

Signing the paper!

Woo Hoo - here it is!!!!  Look at the face!

She is really looking happy after the event too!!

Here are the barracks.

Back of the barracks - wood pile there!

The post hospital from a distance.

Close up of the hospital.

The buildings from the hospital on the hill.

Then on the way back to the RV Park we stopped at the metal bridge that allowed the military and commerce to make uneventful passage across the North Platte River.

The girls headed back to the tour bus.

Ah, yes then there was the inevitable train track 1/4 of block away. This is coal country…a coal train was going by very frequently and since the road ran in front of the RV park and down a couple of blocks to the intersection of the main highway, the train whistle was rather frequent. That bothered a few of the ladies, but I was so tired, I didn’t hear the trains. I did wake up with cramps in my legs a few times. It was so hot, I am sure that I didn’t have enough water.

Ah, yes tomorrow we are headed to Guernsey State park.


  1. Loved the gnarled pine tree. Always neat to see the RVs parked all together. You have the best photos of Tina getting her pass. She'll want one of those photos.

    1. If I had the energy, I'd have gotten down on the ground and shot that pine tree at an upward angle. But thought if I got down I'd not get up!

  2. I'm catching up on the last few days of the convoy's travels. It's kinda fun, might continue to do it this way! Neat to see the sights from several perspectives too! (Now need to search out links to Tina and Mitch).

    1. Yes Diana, it is really interesting the things that we all look at and see so differently. It is quite a lot of fun to read the other posts, too.