Sunday, May 20, 2012

Drove from Fort Morgan, CO to Wheatland, WY to the local city park, Lewis Park. Ahh, yest we are close to a train track. I remember an RVer telling a lady not to worry about the train because they stopped them outside of town and put silencers on them!

Part of the daily household maintenance includes fueling your cook stove. Will need propane within the next few of days. But it has lasted quite a long time. I took delivery the end of January and this is mid-May. It provides heat and food. Cooked biscuits yesterday morning!! If you put them on the top shelf they don't get too brown on the bottom...course the top doesn't get very brown, but they sure do fluff up nice. I love my stove.

I stopped for fuel at the Shamrock station located on I-25 and Hwy 212/College Drive on the outskirts of Cheyenne. I only stopped because it was the best price that I had seen and it was easy to get into the pumps. Mitch said that she and Tina stole some gas for $3.419 about 4 miles earlier, I couldn't get into that station, plus I didn't see the price!!! Liz and Nan got fleeced back in Eaton, CO (yes Red - your town!!) for $3.719. I got mine at a cost of $3.539 You know it is what it is! Mileage stuff is at the bottom of this blog.

It was a very pleasant drive. We lost one of the sisters and Liz and Nan stopped at the rest stop and called me to let me know. I pulled in and we decided to eat a bite and walk around. Found an interesting bird. Just really beautiful. I have seen the bird many times, but not in breeding plumage. Such a difference.

Brewer's Blackbird

Here he is strutting his stuff!

I heard Eastern Meadowlark singing and a Says Phoebe calling. Liz had seen on the road in Colorado Black Billed Magpie. They are a pretty bird. I heard a American Crow calling here in the park after we set up and were taking the doggies for a walk.

Liz and Carol, our lost sister, walking toward Liz's rig at the rest stop at Chugwater, WY. Great big sky and cliffs  beyond them.

More scenes of the habitat.

I hate that this pic with the roof top and light pole, but I couldn't get it any other way. Use your imagination. Those cliff areas are home to Prairie Falcon in the summer. They swoop down and grab their prey in the surrounding plains.

Neat rest stop. Use it if you get a chance. If you are RVing, it has a dump if you are in need for your rig. That is at Chugwater, WY north of Cheyenne and south of Wheatland.

Miles driven today approximately 172. Fuel fill up 21.882 gallons at $3.539 for tank mileage of 190.9 or 8.724 mpg. for mileage from Limon Co to Cheyenne WY.


  1. The first Brewer's Blackbird pic is just beautiful--perfect framing. Love the cliff picture too, even with the roof. Sounds like things are going very well. Keep on having fun!

  2. Though some folks call it desolate, we love that part of the Country in Spring. All the birds singing and the wide open space. Great pictures.

    1. It is really a gorgeous state and I am enjoying the trip. The bird pics are usually luck shots cuz they move so fast. Thanks. Jerry.

  3. I have not studied birds so will be interested as you go along to see what you say Birdie... my mom could identify most birds by their songs... she was so good at that... Thank you for taking this time to share your adventures...

    1. I work on the songs too, Kath, but the calls can get confusing to me. Thanks for reading my blog.