Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Day Toward Alaska–Stop Limon, CO

Another uneventful day driving about 250 miles. Tiring to drive a two lane road that is heavily traveled by trucks like US287. The road out of Boise City, OK was nice until you were about 12 miles out and then the new road construction was going on and that wasn’t the bad part. The bad part was the road that wasn’t completed or even started yet. About 15 or 20 miles of really rough road. Bouncing so bad that I knew if I opened the cabinets everything would fall out even with the preparations I had made.

Here is what I do to try to keep things in place in my cabinets.

The bathroom medicine and stuff cabinet.

The soft food cereal, 3-2-1 cakes, jello, kind of stuff and paper plates and plastic bags.

The glassware which is where I have the most problem.

There is so much space up there that things fall and shift around. (I know what a thing to complain about - too much room!) So, today I added a couple 4 roll packs TP to the top shelf – needed a place to store it anyway. On the bottom shelf I have the crock pot and two rolls of paper towels. Then I also have a small plastic tray that I keep my Olive Oil, Pam, and sugar free syrup in for ease of access while cooking. That pretty well keeps stuff in line there. Once in a while the plates and bowls shift a little on the wire rack. I have them sitting on the no-move stuff and it works pretty well.

When I opened the cabinets, only the glassware cabinet had things falling out. That’s why I decided to try and store the TP up there to see if the bulk will hold the items still. Tomorrow will tell the tale.

Back to driving. Once I hit the Colorado border - new road and that was nice. Had construction thru the small town of Kit Carson….they really need it too. I was surprised going thru Lamar. I had planned on making a stop at the Wal-Mart but they had on street parking. I didn’t want to try the right turn with parallel parked cars. So I just passed right on thru.

Had a rest stop outside of Lamar and ate a sandwich then hit the road again. I pulled into the FlyingJ/Pilot (don’t you love those RV pumps set aside?) and filled up at 2 p.m.. Called KOA to see if they had a pull thru and laundry facilities. I hate using them with the 10% discount they were still $34 bucks. Oh, well, I got the laundry completed.

Tomorrow should be a fairly short day. Hopefully, I get time for a WalMart run. Only need a couple of things but I know that the longer I wait the more likely I am to forget.

Total 242 miles. Two fuel stops. First 156.4 miles, 30.914 gallons. Second 210.5 miles 30.590 gallons. Todays temperatures were in the 40's starting out and in the high 90's ending. Never saw a cloud. A little breeze, maybe 5 - 10 mph, not enough to effect driving. Wildlife viewed - antelope, coyote, ground squirrels (dirt rats), prairie dogs (2 different towns), 2 redneck truck drivers. Didn't look at the birds. :(

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  1. Nice posting on your organization. Gives other people some good ideas, especially those who are new to RVing. Glad you had a fairly good travel day. Sounds like you didn't get to meet CArol for coffee. Sue said that that the road to Limon always had a lot of trucks. She's been that way a few times.