Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On the road to Ft. Supply

Well, I left Oklahoma City in the wind. What a drive that was for a tall rig. The forecast was for S SE winds 15-20 mph. I was thinking after I drove that 40 miles west and headed NW I would get a little tail wind. NOT!!! By that time I was in the W SW wind area and it was mostly W. Just shoved me all over the road. I made a couple of stops just to get a grip. This road is known as Gov. Nigh's NW passage. This is the road that made me stop smoking. They increased the sales tax on ciggies by 5 cents so they could get the money to build this road....still building on it too and I bet they never turned the tax back!!!

Took a shot of the fields. This is not the ‘as far as you can see’ as it is very rolling hills. Highway 270/281 going northwest toward Watonga.

This is some cow/horse feed south of Seiling.

Wind farm (okay just one top) and I don’t remember where that was as there were a couple of them out there.

I had forgotten how small the town of Ft. Supply actually is. It is about 7 blocks x 7 blocks. Missed my turn and had to turn around. Just as well because I did get a good look at the whole of the town all at once. that was when it suddenly dawned on me, that even though this area played an important part in Oklahoma’s history, many of the folks have a tough time making a living out here.


  1. Not much to stop the wind out there. Just lots of rolling prairie.

    1. More trees than I remember from my trips thru here to Colorado for winter skiing!