Thursday, May 10, 2012

On the wing to and fro

When I made the journey over to Autograph Rock, I saw so many Lark Buntings and Horned Larks on or near the road. I just had to stop and photo them. So I decided that I needed a separate post of those items. Enjoy my little feathered friends.

This is a progress report on the nest building. Nest status on May 9.

Nest status on May 10.

It was windy and cool today with lots of clouds and not much house building going on.

Male Loggerhead Shrike (the butcher bird).

Nice Canyon Towhee (Brown Towhee)

Can you say Lark Bunting? This is the Colorado State Bird. Many of these birds are migrating now. Some nest in this area, but there are hundreds migrating. You see them move 4 or 5 miles a day. With this south wind, I'll bet they just get up and fly right over the mesas.

I certainly got blessed with this shot. How many times do you get him to display his horns at the right time? NEVER!!! Love this one. Horned Lark!!

Last evening two rose breasted grosbeaks flew into the creek area for a drink of water and then they flew up to the Mulberry tree. No ripe mulberries for them to eat. I didn't, of course, have my camera. I did go back later and look for them, but they had moved on, probably looking for food.


  1. That Horned Lark is really neat. It must be really small unless that plant is really big. Great shot. Are you still at Black Mesa?

  2. I am still at Black Mesa. The Horned Lark is sparrow size. That is just a regular blooming cactus in the near desert.