Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oooohhhh Scattered showers and light snow

at elevations over 8400' tonight. Some strong storms may be possible! Spotters will not be needed tonight. Ah, the last sentence sets my mind at ease. If they thought, I think, the slightest possibility of severe weather approaching a city, they would alert...rain just came in.

Oh, well, we are all tucked in a city park and we expected rain tonight and a "cool", read that as cold, night.

Went outside to see what we had around us. Found the resident geese and goslings. Could only wonder why do you have to pick up after your dog, when the geese make such an awful mess? While looking out at the geese and river edges, I saw this nice little guy. I thought the gander was going to chase him away, then I thought he was going to chase me away. Also, saw killdeer, brewers blackbirds, cliff swallows, heard yellow warblers out the kazoo.

Spotted Sandpiper - nice plumage

Earlier this afternoon Liz, Mitch, Abby and I went for a stroll down by the riverside.

The town that was name for Ms. Douglas!

Liz with the barbed wire, antlered, thing!

Nice view of the park with our rigs on the right.

Liz holding up the cottonwood.

North Platte River

Butt shot of Abby!

Another butt shot of Abby.

She was a tired puppy!

The famed Jackalope. First found here in Douglas, WY.

The Police Academy is right next door.

Bathhouse at this city park - really quite nice!

Our houses on rubber rounds.


  1. Nice looking park. Guess you'll be nice and safe tucked in right next to the police department. Should be quiet too unless they go out on a call with sirens. Should be cool sleeping. Night!

    1. That was a nice park. Would have been a fabulous park if it had some 110 outlets to plug up for the batteries. Actually that was a Police Academy. No sirens in the night.