Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Travel day to Harlowton, MT to Chief Joseph Park

Liz and Mitch headed out to Billings early this morning, about 6:45 a.m. for rig repairs. It'll happen you know. They both had leaks at the hot water heater. Checked to see if that was catching...it wasn't....yet. They both got hair cuts! Both look great. Looked in the mirror - well that's not catching either. Oh well.

Nan left a little before Tina and I did. We all stopped in Big Timber for gas as it appeared to be a bit cheaper there than in Harlowton. I managed two transactions one for 18.817 gallons and one for 6.940 gallons. A total of 25.757 gallons at 3.759 pg. Will sit down and calculate out the last few fill ups and costs and miles in a bit.

From Big Timber to Harlowton it was about 43 miles. It was a steady climb all the way with a few valleys to roll around in. Mountains in the distance of at least two different ranges. It was a two lane road, so I didn't get a chance to shoot pics at all.

Was having a problem with my right mirror so i stopped and asked Tina if she would stop and help me get it adjusted a little bit. We got it adjusted pretty good. When I got back on the road, I noticed a great improvement, but it wasn't quite right yet. Tina says it is a geometry question. I did get out and mess around with it and found a good angle...I think. So you might ask what caused the problem? Well when I was pulling into Custer's last stand battlefield park, I got too close to the gate and popped it quite good. I did get it turned a little at Reed Point, but it wasn't enough to really work well for me. I couldn't believe I did that as I can normally thread a needle. I think that I wasn't paying attention to that and was reaching for my Golden Age Pass. Tomorrow will be the big test for did I get it right.

My friends from western Montana, Diane and Bryon will be meeting up with me in Great Falls on Thursday and we will go birding for the day. That will be fun. Haven't seen them since last Spring when they came to Texas and we did a Central Texas down to the Valley sweep to pick up birds for them. This should be a lot of fun. Need to see what birds I can pick up while out with them.

We know how much you like to see the parks in which we stay. So here are some pix from today.

Chief Joseph park entry

Liz and Nan are set up

Birdie, Tina and Liz

The whole group, Birdie, Tina, Liz, Nan and Mitch looks like she is leaving. She moved into a mud puddle later.

The park "love birds" and empty spots in the grass.

The fairground behind the camping spots.

Nice long drive to other buildings and fishing pond. Has bull frogs now.

Thru the playground toward the camping area.

Thru the picnic area toward the campground.

Looking up behind the pond a little yellow church.

The steps to the fishing pond, but no swimming allowed. I just wonder how many people have fallen on those steps?


Yep it could come again tonight.

They'd like you to come back again, hear, Ya'll!


  1. Looks like you got your choice of spots since nobody else was there. Should be quiet unless you get a loud thunderstorm. How did Mitch end up in a mud puddle--she could be in a pond by morning. Hope you have lots of fun with your visiting friends this week. I'm trying to send some sunshine up from Texas.

    1. We had good spots at the campground and it was a nice campground. Mitch is so lucky! But she didn't end up in the swimming pool. We will take your sunshine.

  2. Love those prices! That should be good for the budget ;) Enjoy your birding time with your friends :)

    1. We are liking the gas prices, but not for too much longer. Liz sez St. Mary's is over $4. But Browning is less than that. So we will top off/fill up in Browning Saturday. Had a great time birding. Post coming up.

  3. oh yes we sure do like pictures of your camp spots and the stories also... wow those steps sure are steep... not for me! I would just take a picture...
    Now Birdie is the bubblebutt because he or she is fat you mean you would name me that?? lol Oh how I wish I were smart and could learn all you ladies know... but then it would not be fun reading your posts... you ladies are the best...

    1. Kathleen, the butterbutt is called that because he has a yellow spot on his butt. It is a Yellow- rumped Warbler. We are having a great time.