Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Boise City, OK day trip

I decided that a trip to town was warranted. I did want some milk...yes, yes I have dry milk, but I wanted cheese for nachos too. So off I went to Boise City. Drive in was a little stressful for me because I was stressing over something I had no control of. Two sets of campers came in yesterday and spent the night and left without paying. They don't have anyone working to collect money when the ranger for the day leaves or has his days off. I was so ticked off. I mean the guy in the big Class A Allegro paid more for his gas for that 70 mile trip than the $18 camp fee. The guy driving the motorcycle, a big Harley towing a cart should have $10 for the tent site. Give me a break!! That makes me crazy and I was flying down the highway grumbling. Then I noticed the flowers on the side of the road. So neat and the little birds flying off the road. uuummmm need to check that out.

And you can see forever.

Aren't these nice?

So what are you looking at?

Okay go to town. Around the round about....long time since I have driven around one of those without nearly crashing.

Driving by the Love's gas cum Subway was a good thing as I saw the Pizza Hut. Woo Hoo, that is where I'll do lunch! The Love's is a very busy truck stop! Very busy. I then drove out to US287 on the east side of town figuring out how I would be able to go North when I am ready. Drove north of town about 5 miles on a fantastic highway. Brand spanking new concrete and no wap wap wap. I then turned around and drove back to town. I took business 287 into Boise City and passed the Cimarron Museum. What a neat building. Came back after lunch for that.

Lunch was a personal pan meat lovers pizza, salad and Dr. Pepper. This was absolutely the cleanest, nicest Pizza Hut I have eaten at in at least 15 years. I was the first customer in at 11:10 and was served very promptly. I left about 11:40, went by the grocery store, I thought. The milk date was 5/9. Cheese was way way old. So I asked a lady if there was a grocery store in town. Two blocks down the road. Okay, I go and get my groceries. Goodie. Will have nachos for dinner later. Then I went to the Museum.

Here is the museum information.

Here is a photo of me and Cimmy.

This is soooo coool!

Okay time is up and time to go home. So I am again flying home, when I see this black bird with white wings fly across the road in front of me! What's it? ID is two headed wood pecker or lark bunting. Well I can't tell you how many stops or U turns in the middle of the road that I made. But I found out what the bird was. See what you think.

Male breeding plumage Lark Bunting!

Another item I saw on the way home.

And then around the corner headed for the park. Those little bushes are cholla cactus. Forever.

The Cliff Swallows are building their homes for the summer.

Love those birds. So busy. Enjoy!


  1. Sounds like you had a great day after you got past the cheap campers. Nothing you can do about that girl, there are always a few out there. Great photos!

    1. I could happily, kick their behinds. Cheap bums!! They give the rest of us a bad name.