Sunday, May 6, 2012

Black Mesa State Park, OK

This area that the park was named for was formed as a result of a volcano back a couple of years ago. The habitat is part desert and part riparian, much like what you find in Arizona and New Mexico.

I found the bird life to be very much a mix of eastern and western birds. Many Western Kingbirds. I heard a Says Phoebe. Saw a Bullock’s oriole at a feeder. Plenty of Common Grackles and Red-Winged Blackbirds. Saw a bluebird nest box…wonder Eastern, Western or Mountain bluebirds nesting at that box. Barn Swallows making moth scoops on the roadway in the park and Northern Rough Wing swallows cris-crossing the very low Carl Etling Lake. American Robins are doing well here and their red breast is a very dark red compared to the lighter red at other places. Lark Sparrows are plentiful. Even have the hated Eurasian Collared Dove. Have observed a pair of  Mourning Doves. The moths are hatching out and a rough estimate of a gazillion is probably short. Heard a bullfrog in the low flowing river last night.

The American Robin

Sign on the window of the park building…What to do if you see a Mountain Lion. I expect there are sightings, but probably far and few. I didn’t read the instructions.

Full humongus moon last night. Photos did not come out very good as there was too much cloud cover.

Moon from Friday night.

There are remains of a petrified forest here in the park. Very interesting.

Some pics of the environment.

Molten lava flow.

A very low Lake Carl Etling.

Top to bottom from the Overlook. Cottonwood campground back in the trees.


  1. Birdie, when I was at Black Mesa, a mountain lion ran right past our campsite near that river with the rocks on the other side. It was just at dusk and he screeched as he ran past....scared Joselyn and me. Fortunately we had just out the animals inside the rv. So do be careful.

    Great pictures!

    1. Waited and waited for him to run by my spot, the last one before the river. I'll send him and e-mail so he knows I am waiting. Actually, probably scare 10 years off me if I saw one that close. Don't want to re-do those 10 years!

  2. I don't think "redoing" the 10 years is the way it works Birdie. Didn't they have a sign about mountain lions at Goliad State Park too? I thought I remembered Steve and the kids reading them. Looks like a beautiful shaded campground. Great pictures!