Thursday, May 17, 2012

The road to where?

On Wednesday morning I got up and checked out of the KOA and headed North to Alaska. I headed North out of Limon on US 71. On my gosh! That's all I have to say! Well, okay, I wouldn't do that again. On to Alaska!!!

However, on the way I need to meet up with my friends. As I was ahead in the jello travel plans I told them I would check out the two municipal parks and see which one might better fit our needs.

It was a hands down that the city park, Riverside Park, at Fort Morgan was the winner. What a really nice park. They provide parking for about 16 RVs and most of the spots have 20 amp electric. That keeps the battery charged while you are sitting. The grass is really lush and green. Of course it does have a lot of goose and duck poop in it from the resident fowls. I don't have the photos uploaded yet, because the signal is pretty good some of the time and not so great the rest of the time.

After I arrived and got setup, I made a Wal-Mart run. That's always a fun trip. This Wal-Mart has a lot of really nice products. I mean it is just stocked full of things I haven't seen before. Fruits and vegetables are moving fairly slow, but the meat is pretty much moving out quickly. The rest of the stuff, I don't pay just a whole lot of attention to it.

The evening brought the 'cruising' around the park and it was busy and noisy until about 10 p.m. They must have a curfew because by 10 p.m. it was quiet. We will see how long that holds.

On Thursday, it was a day to get prepared for the four eastern ladies to arrive. Liz called and said they'd be here about 2:30. Then she called back and said 1:30 or whatever time with the change in time zones, about an hour or so out. It does get crazy when you hurtling down the highway trying to figure out if you are supposed to + or - the hour.

They arrived in two groups just a few minutes apart. They moved in place and only had one move. Needed Liz out of the trees as we couldn't have her solar panels damaged. Got that done, all leveled up. Doggies needed walking and petting time and then it was resting time for the weary travelers. Seems that they had just a bit of wind during the morning drive that slowed them down to about 45 mph. That is wearing on your muscles in the neck, upper back and arms.

Not to worry about eating to much as we had grilled pork chops, vegetables, salad, sugar free cake, fruit and vanilla flavored yogurt for dinner. Course we had a little visiting going on all this time too. A couple of pics. Check out Liz blog or Facebook for those photos. I was cooking.

Cruising went on until about 10 p.m. Also some of those funny bird calls going on. In Arizona that always meant illegal activity about to go down.


  1. Sure hope you were wrong about the funny bird calls but at least you are there in numbers. Nobody would mess with the six of you. I saw of picture of the dinner you fixed on Liz's post--it looked scrumptious. Bet they really appreciated a gourmet dinner after driving.

    1. They said it was good and thanks! You know this group, kind of like another group we know, they like to eat. It's nice to not have to think food when you stop for the evening.