Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A day at Talkeetna

I decided that Nancy needed to experience a little tourist town. So we took off for Talkeetna. It is a neat little town to just wander around in and out of shops and of course, you have know where the town bathrooms are located.

We noted the nice decor in the bathroom in the Red Barn.

Near the chocolate store were some nice flowers.

Across the street was a nice mushroom. They are just so colorful.

On the way home, we detoured on West Petersville Road. Found this nice lake.

Had to play with the fishbowl.

Nice road with a view.

Fall, she is a coming! This is a fireweed with the red leaves coming out!!!

A woolly worm making his way across the bridge. Better hurry.

A short video of some spawing salmon. Not a good shot but one that you can see the fins moving around. I just hope it is short because it was really long and very shaky. Liz has some great shots.

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  1. Those bathrooms are something else. Good shots. Season sure doesn't last long there.