Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good Willow Ptarmigan’s

On the road to Haines, we saw a little spot with a little building and a couple of cars. That was just one of stops on the roadside. Once out of our rigs and ready to go, Liz’s feet got on the trail and she started around the mountain and I started to follow. Then all of a sudden a covey of quail like birds (to me) flew down into the willow trees. My feet turned to the willows and I yelled at Liz that I was following the birds. What I found was a covey of Willow Ptarmigans. I took about 200 photos but I have managed to cull them down.

Here is the lookout.

This guy is checking out the two legged

This guy is quite quiet!

This is why they are called Willow’s.
A real beauty!
Really would like to talk to me! Look at those leg feathers!!!
If you look at the red marks, there is a Willow Pt under it.


  1. Those are some amazing close-ups and adding the red marks was great because you can then easily pick out the birds. I've never seen birds with "leggings" like that. Amazing.

  2. Your patience paid off on those close-ups. Good job.