Thursday, August 9, 2012

Potter's Marsh, AlyeskaTram, Crow Creek Gold Mine!

We started the morning out at 7:30 headed to Potter's Marsh. The birding was quite good. Not many gulls, just some fly bys. But here are some nice feathers to look at.

We were greeted by this Belted Kingfisher.


Yellow Legs, bathing, eating and loafing.

Couple of nice looking Snipe.

On the way out a bunny!

Our next stop was Crow Creek Mine campground at Girdwood. We made it in just a few minute actually. After we stopped and got setup, we took off for Aleyska Tram in Girdwood. Since we were now in mountain country, the clear skies would only last until just after noon. You can pan for gold in the rain, but you can't ride the tram and see forever in the rain.

It was fabulous. Put it on you list of things to do. We had a great time.

A hanging glacier - one of seven that you can see.

That's Turnagain Arm out there behind Nancy.

A fabulous view of the mountains, snow and Nancy.

Look close and you will see a hang glider in this shot. It's the little white speck in the lower center.

Here is a close up of the hanging glacier.

A view of Turnagain Arm.

At the Alyeska Resort was a Frederick Remington on display in a flower garden.

The resort is very large and pricey!

Okay now back to the business at hand. We needed to get on the road to pan for gold.

Miss Information and Miss Demonstration was here to help us. What a delightful young woman!

And we are off and moseying toward the creek. Walk with us.

And we are here! Creek - some places call that a small raging river!!

Here's Nancy on the run for the gold!

Some other folks panning.

Just look at that river!! uh creek!

Here is a video if you care to hear and see it - Nancy is panning in this too!

Now we have to go back to the rig - yep up the hill!!

It was a really great day. We did get lots of things done in one day. Now tomorrow we want to do the Wildlife thing down the road. Come see it with us.

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  1. Guess the three of you are not independently wealthy women now having hit a huge gold strike. Darn. Looks like fun though. There may be some reprisal for a butt video in your future. lol