Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Travel Day - headed south in Alaska

We left Byers Lake this morning. What a nice location. Put it on you list of places to stay at. We headed to Girdwood to pan for gold. Another cloudless day.

We made the stop at the South View point.

Had our photo taken by a professional photographer from Talkeetna, Dora Miller. She has photos for sale in one of the nice shops in town. Nice lady!

I saw these Trumpeter Swans as we were flying by. We decided we needed a better view, so at a business down the road, we turned around and came back. What a nice looking couple.

The required Butt shot.

We needed to make a stop to dump and get some fresh water. Liz found a place in the town of Houston. They have a city park and it looks like an okay place to stay. So Liz dumped and took on water while I went down to the campground to turn around. It was a great place to dump and they had potable water down in the park as well as at the dump station. So I stopped at the water place in the campground and took on water.

The fix for the fresh water siphon that the dealership had completed a month ago broke. The water started pouring out of the overflow. So I called and made an appointment to right down to the dealership and get it fixed again. Got that completed about 5 p.m. Just in time for going home traffic. So I asked if I could stay overnight in the parking lot. So it was a nice spot in place of looking for pullout on a heavily traveled road.


  1. That picture of you and Red in front of Denali sure will be a nice memory. Sorry to hear you had a problem with the water hookup again but at least you were able to get it fixed right away. I'm loving all these posts you are kicking out. You go girl!

  2. Catching up GF. Been playing a lot.