Friday, August 10, 2012

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center near Portage

We decided to leave Crow Creek Mine cg early because it was really only 3 wheels wide in most places. When we went up we only met 2 or 3 cars. We knew since it was Friday it was possible that we would meet a lot more vehicles both small and large. So off we go early and still met some folks in Class C's. The AWCC (Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center) was only a few miles down the highway. We made it there by 9 a.m. Got coupon'd in and drove most of the way around the area and decided that we wanted to walk it so we could see the animals up close and personal.

Walk with us around the area. A moose headed for the eating trough.

You know that growing new antlers has to be a PITA. They grow every which way!

The musk ox was a good find as you normally only get to see them, way, way north. Nice looking one getting ready for winter.

Someone here hasn't shed all of last years covering! That is amazing stuff. They make scarves, sweaters and hats out of the 'fur' or 'hair' and charge a fortune for them.

Elk isn't native but have been here for nearly 100 years.

The Wood Bison used to be plentiful in Ak, but was nearly hunted out. It is being re-introduced on a gradual time table. They are matching the best fits and then releasing small herds. They are working to keep disease out and genetics good. I hope it works, and it may because this is a volunteer run organization. You get government in it and it'll be a mess in no time.

Hugo a female 12 year old black bear. She was great playing in the water. Throwing sticks around to herself. Could she move!!!

Got to have a bird - here a Blackbilled Magpie.

The day of play ended and we headed back to Eagle River campground. Liz has gotten a spot for us and it is a good place to be for getting to the Anchorage Airport. However, soon as we got back we took a trip into the Wal-Mart, Carr's, and the ice cream store. Great trip.


  1. Great animal shots. I've never heard of wood bison--didn't know there were different kinds of bison around. Natural I suppose since there are many different breeds of cattle.

  2. Amazing pics! Hats off to the people who are carrying out the wildlife conservation center.
    Conservation Consultant