Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kluane Lake to Lake Kathleen on the road to Haines

Kluane Lake is very pretty and the mountain surrounding it is is great viewing.

We stopped at the Ranger Station and saw the sheep up on the mountain. Surely you can see them. I love the two playing ‘top of the world’, don’t you?


A Convoy, we learned is headed to Summit Mountain and will be again celebrating the building of the Alcan Highway. We did not know where Summit Mountain was located, other than “north” the young lady said. So we decided to hit the road so we could be sure we were ahead of them.

Road had some real nice views.

We stopped at a little ‘rock’ shop and talked with a couple who had been there running the place for either 32 or 42 years. Had been a little groceries, café, gas station and pick your own rocks place. The folks that own it are ancient and what a sense of humor this guy has and she watches you while he spins the yarns again and again. They are needing your prayers for their health issues. The man indicated the convoy was to be staying the night at Beaver Creek. 

We got gas on the west side of Haines Junction and headed south. We arrived at Kathleen Lake about noon, picked our sites, ate warmed up salmon burgers, went and paid our rent for the night and drove down to the lake to see what we could see. We walked the ‘boardwalk’ around the lake – well not really only about 100 yards, but it was a nice boardwalk.

We decided to go photo Kathleen River.


We then drove down to Rock Glacier and hiked that little Glacier. That is another post. 

Tomorrow we hike The King’s Throne here at Kathleen Lake.

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  1. More lovely photos. The mountains are so beautiful and so cold looking but at least you are getting sunshine. Love the flowers at the end.