Saturday, August 25, 2012

Million Dollar Falls, Canada

We planned a stop for overnight at Million Dollar Falls. This was a waterfall that had a series of steps built down and around the viewing area. That was nice. It was a rugged area and the steps made it possible to view. Not very good for photographs. But it rained while we were there and we were treated to a beautiful set or rainbows. There were doubles and singles and the colors were so bright. I was not able to capture the beauty. It also got down to 28* that night. Not too much hiking in the campground, so we opted to only stay the one night.

While we were there we saw a couple that we had been in the campground when we went to Kennecott before we went to Valdez. We also had seen them at Cottonwood RV Park on the Kluane Lake when headed this way. Small world for a big area! We talked and found that we would be in Haines at the same time.

The Falls.

The stairs.

Some kind of hair that we found on a trail. It was very light colored and was hollow.



  1. Boy, those stairs looked like a real workout. You got some really neat rainbow pictures--storming on one side and clear on the other.