Friday, August 17, 2012

Lu-Lu Belle trip

We were open on our trip out on the Lu-Lu Belle as there was room for either Friday or Saturday. So we took a morning walk with Beth and Peaches up and over the bluff, and no Mitch, we didn’t go up the side of the bluff, we went around the back and rolled down the side. It was easier that way.

The walk was extremely nice and the weather was beautiful. We decided to go out on Friday. What a great trip we had.

We did see the requisite ‘ocean prairie dogs’, the sea otters (cute critters) aren’t they? We saw them close in and we saw one way out on the ice floes.

We saw the horned puffins, but I didn’t see any of the tufted puffins. I didn’t see any auklets or other much sought after birds. I did see some pigeon guillemots at a distance that I couldn’t ID until in flight. I saw some gulls but they were at a distance that I couldn’t ID even in flight.


The sea lions were in there spot waiting for us. Nursing baby with mom.

I call this my whale, albino type.

Great trip! Lots of information and if you listen to Capt. Fred, he”ll have you spending a week in town, maybe more!

The scenery was glorious.


  1. Those sea lions are just adorable!!!

  2. Love all the photos you took. Those sea otter pics are so good and so close up. Too bad it isn't warmer as I know that cold feels even colder on the water.